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Prepare to be surprised and entertained by the following sites that challenge and test your perceptions. You will discover that everything is not as it seems.

"I Know What I Saw" and Other Delusions

Are You Happy? Do You Have Grit? What Are Your Character Strengths? Dare to find out with these Questionnaires :

"I Am a Self-Actualized Person; I Have No Prejudices of Any Kind." Are You Sure?

The Mind is a Curious Thing: Several web Sites to Increase Your Wonder and Awe
www.mentalhelp.net Lots of interesting and useful information
www.TED.com Ideas worth spreading
www.braintricks.com Get to know how your brain works.
 Indepth tests that focus on attention, perception, and memory.
www.mturk.com If you want to make money as a psychology subject, this is the site.








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